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I LOLed    :D

In other things, I hope you all are fine. I really haven't time to be productive these last few weeks because of personal reasons, sometimes I really was in serious doubt about myself. But its great to know we'll always have this place.

Take care, and have fun, be creative :blowkiss:
Hi, friends :wave:

Long time, no journal :)

I've been reading a number of books these last few months, (including tons of comic books) to celebrate my new android device.

I'd now really appreciate it if you could suggest to me something to read. My preferences are (but not subjected to) horror and thrillers, something eerie and disturbing, something that could remain in my mind for a good while afterwards... I hope you get the idea :XD:

But if you don't know any books like these, its also ok. Just tell me your favourite books anyway, and i'll also check them out :)

Hoping to hear from you,


Long time since I've submitted some art around here. I've been working on 2 or three (traditionally) during the winter holidays. I'll post them up as soon as I can ^^; Also, my eyes aren't as good as they used to be. I can't look at the computer or TV screen for long periods without getting a headache :(

My friend :iconchhana: is looking for artists who can draw his ocs in your own styles (any you like). They can be found in the 'OCs' folder in his gallery. He'll pay in points, minimum 50:points: for a full colored picture. The price will go up depending upon the quality :nod:

If you're interested, please comment in this forum thread. He'd be very glad :…


Also, sometime back, i've been tagged by :iconawildchelseaappeared: where she asked a number of questions. Well, here I'll try to answer them :

My answers:

1. Who/what is your biggest inspiration? (besides family)
- I can't say there's this single individual who inspires me, more of a collection of the best in other people, especially those who are true to themselves and hold on to their individuality

2. Best friend you've made here on deviantart? Besides people you know in real life. (here's hoping it's me!) :XD:
- Eh, there are about ... (counts fingers) 10 - 15 of the coolest people I've ever met on the net over here. I don't think my DA life will ever be the same without these folks :D I leave their names open to guess.

3. Fire, Earth, Water, or Wind?
- Wind :nod:

4. Got any cool scars?
- I've only got one in my right forefinger, which I now use as an identification mark. I got it when I was 14, trying to open a carton of juice.

5. Favorite style of food? (like Italian, Chinese, Mexican, ect.)
- I'm a rice-eater.

6. You're given the opportunity to spend a day with one of your OC's (if you don't have any, pick one of your friends! :dummy: ) who do you choose, and what do you do?
- Probably I'd go flying with Kira. (character from my unfinished novels who's got the natural ability of flight).

7. Do you have any food allergies?
- Can't take in anything that's too hot without being in trouble :onfire:

8. Boxers or briefs?
- Boxers (but I rarely wear them)

9. How tall are you? (in inches and centimeters if you can)
- 5'1"  But I've grown way past being concerned of my height now :D

10. If you could change the color of your eyes, skin, or hair, would you?
- Not really. I'm pretty much happy with them, except maybe I'd like it if my hair is blacker than it is now :XD:

11. Do you have any pets? What are their names?
- Sure I have a pet. I call her Ngengpuii. She's a cat who's now pushing 6 years --->… She's just like a baby to me. She also has a son, Ngengpuia… but he's very distant now :shrug:.

That's all for now. Next time you see me, there'll be some new art, hopefully :)

I hope you have a good week coming, friends :)

There's something I want to ask for anyone who might be able to tell me... for about 3 days now I have this problem with Deviantart.... I can't see any of the deviations :O There's only that error thumbnail in place of the pictures, and even some of the deviant avatars and group avatars aren't showing up in the new journals section and the polls section. I can't even see thumbnails in the polls. To put it simply, I can't see ANY deviations in my inbox!

I wonder what could be the matter. Hundreds of deviations are piling up in my inbox... but I can't see anything of them except green thumbnails with the DA logo.

It appears fine on my mobile phone browser (but its such a small screen :( )

I'm using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox downloaded from their site.

Can anyone suggest or tell me anything about it??

In the meantime, have a Merry Christmas :)
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:D Well, lets hope that I'm not putting my head in the lion's den (me the lion) with this one again deciding to open requests once more, keeping busy, and hope you see what you like while I am at it.

So.. I took them  (5)  , and waiting for some clarifications :nod:

:bulletred: And FYI, they can be anything from traditional, digital, colored or not colored (but shaded ;)) depending on what's convenient for me. I also can't predict the time I'll take, but look at it this way : both of us have nothing to lose :)


:star: Now, the TAG :

It's as if I've been collecting tags  ... ;P  I've now been tagged the '10 things about yourself' tag already by 3 friends, and after being that long with some, I decide to answer it now.. :XD: here it goes...

Tagged by : :iconthemangapit::iconlady-susan::icongppr:

Rules :    

* Post these rules.
* Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on this journal.
* As I'm not going to tag anyone myself, I'll just take a rain-check on the rest of the rules, Lmao :rofl:

:bulletred: So....what more have I to say about myself?

:bulletyellow:1:bulletyellow:.  I like travelling around to see sights. The travelling part only...not the arrival part. :sun:

:bulletyellow:2:bulletyellow:.  I like reading seinen manga (from recently) :noes:

:bulletyellow:3:bulletyellow:.  I'm obsessed with collecting pens, pencils (colored and graphite) and books I like ;) (uh, have I mentioned this before? :confused:)

:bulletyellow:4:bulletyellow:.  I almost always listen to Within Temptation and Nightwish's albums when I make artwork :headbang:

:bulletyellow:5:bulletyellow:.  My handwriting is much worse than it was 5 years ago (and still getting worse) :noes:

:bulletyellow:6:bulletyellow:.  People keep pressing me to buy a scooter, but I'm still holding out so far, because why?? I'm not an outgoing person at all.. I just don't know where I'll go ;P

:bulletyellow:7:bulletyellow:.  Maybe I need to wear glasses now, but I'm still holding out on that too :no:

:bulletyellow:8:bulletyellow:.  There's a fantasy/drama novel I've been drafting and is unfinished ongoing since 2001. It's almost finished now, but it still demands a sequel...and maybe it'll even turn out into a whole universe of histories like JRR Tolkien's (if my brain can take all that) :doh:

:bulletyellow:9:bulletyellow: When I was 15, I nearly tumbled down a steep flight of stairs at a hillslope because of a bunch of wolf-whistling idiots :( maybe I'd have broken my neck and wouldn't even be here today if I had rolled down those stairs.

:bulletyellow:10:bulletyellow: I'm quite happy with most canon pairings. I respect the original creators of a series well enough to not try and completely change or recreate anything with my own made up situation or OCs or something :P but there are very few exceptions, when I really dislike a canon pair or a certain character. But even then, I still rarely insert my own OCs over there :D (last time I did was in 1997. Nothing since then ;))

That's all for now ...


Well, I hope you enjoy your day/night. Thanks for reading. I'll get back at you as soon as I can :#1:
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Subject :  Dear people : ----> Please suggest to me some fanart to draw!

Hi, everyone :wave:

As my last journal was rather sad, I need to get that off my front page now, lol :D everything's going to get better. Though I've lost a lot of my files in my damaged harddrive, I've been busy gathering others to fill the void. I got help from family and friends, and it'll be fine.

Though I really do like to open up requests (I'm serious), my time is tight and I always feel horrible keeping people waiting so I'd like to take the harmless road for now :pointr: Please suggest some fanart for me to draw :nod: for me to feel inspired, perhaps :D I know OCs are really cool, but fanart is a lot more..familiar, you know.. we're all fans at heart, of one thing or the other.

Though I don't know how that'll turn out, and there's really no guarantee if I'd do them all,  I'm really grateful with you all hitting the :+devwatch: button for many different reasons :thanks:. It'll be nice to be able to know something you're familiar with and let that inspire me occassionally as a small gesture of thanks :thanks:.

Hope to hear from you :)

New group I could use that I've found out ;)  -----> :iconthetexturecentre:
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... right now, this is the most terrible thing that has happened to me  :sniff:

First of all, I'm sorry to have to write this out, because its pretty depressing but.. I feel I had to let it out somewhere.

From yesterday I had this serious hard disk problem in the comp. Now because of that all the data I have patiently collected or created over the years from deviantart and anywhere else - the resources, stock images, brushes, textures, tutorials, inspiration, you name it.. and also my prized multimedia collection of music, movies, photos, ebooks, docs and..everything else I treasure very much is now jumbled up, renamed and/or lost  like a big, big pile of unknown stuff. Cluttered, unrecovered, eliminated. You name it :'( It'll take a long time to put together, some from scratch, and sort it out again  *sobs*
if at all.

I need to go out again. Look for inspiration..anything to loosen this tightness in my chest..
There you go :shrug:.

And maybe open up requests again sometime, (let's hope in the next update) ... but not right now :(

:bulletred: Moral of the story : Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Take time to smell the flowers and enjoy them while you can, because you really can't be sure that they might not vanish tomorrow :P .

Hope you understand the dilemma, and hope you all had a great weekend.
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Hello, all :)

Long time, no journal.

I just realized that my second year on DA is almost here :P Time sure passes by, especially when you're well and enjoying yourselves.

I know that two years isn't much compared to a number of you who've been here five, seven years or so :) But I just want to say that from my very first time here, and down through the months, I've met some really nice people who I'm really thankful for, and who are also still here. (Does that make us old friends now? :XD:)

I have had a lot of fun participating, giving, donating, supporting and cheering on. There's only one thing I can think : to thank YOU for all the great Deviant Art experiences :heart:

But I also remember some really cool people, who I used to talk to and had fun, shared art and LOLs but aren't here anymore :cry:. Some have deactivated their accounts. Some accounts are completely abandoned, it seems :(  So I can't help but wonder about this question that now comes into my mind. How long are WE all planning to stay here? Being banned, hacked and accidents aside of course... ;P Are we planning to leave someday when we turn pro enough, be secure in our lives well enough to turn away from this place, get married, manage family and our every days? Or are we going to still rock here as we push 60? :XD: whatever it is,  I just hope that great parting day never comes... I really mean it :)

:hug: Thank you all (in advance) for another great DA year :smooch:
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Hey, all  :wave:

A little while back, my computer crashed :P

I'm currently waiting for a new month's pay to fix and upgrade it. That's why you've been seeing a lot of traditional art from me lately. Of course I'd like to know what that looks to you, if you can spare sometime to tell :nod:

With luck everything will be back to normal very soon

Hope you all are fine :salute:
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Hi! :wave:

I hope you're all well. As you might have noticed, though I'm not inactive these days, the things I do are a bit different from the usual =P because of some little things or another.  Well... I truly hope that they aren't too bad. :) Also, I'm almost settled down to a new yearly session as far as life is concerned, so things will soon be back to normal here too, when that happens ^^;  I'm also expecting to have a Wacom tablet of my own in a month or two. The money is all ready...I'm just waiting for my brother to be on holiday, and that's it :P Are they any different from other brands, I wonder  :?because I've been using a lesser known brand all this time...

:new: Also... If I'm not mistaken, the Kiriban for 15551 is almost here. Just catch it if you want to keep me busy, lol

:new: I like drawing people's OCs, so I may surprise some of you sometime, once in a while. Just suggest to me what you like to see if you want, to give me some ideas, but I can't promise anything for now (unless I'm specifically opening requests) :nod:

:new: Me and a few of my friends (also here on DA) are offered a chance to show some of our art in an exhibition to come later in the year. We've got a few months to shape up and come up with something nice. I only hope we make it....please wish us luck :D


I've been tagged by :iconsangoruless: Where I have to post 10 things about myself in this journal. But I won't tag anyone individually, so feel free to do it too, if you like :giggle:

1. I'm left handed. I draw & write & use most tools with my left hand, but I eat with my right hand :dummy:

2. I love to watch the sky, especially the evening sunset and the stars at night.

3. Actually I'm a quiet person who doesn't talk much in real life. :shrug:

4. I love chocolate so much a kid, my teeth went bad (but it's all right now) :giggle:

5. I learnt cooking when I was 17 (it's late, I know :noes:)

6. My official signature (the one I used to sign papers and documents) is both an abbreviation of my name AND letters taken from the names of each of the four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles :la: (I used to be a big fan :XD:)

7. I like travelling or going on long road trips. But I like the journey more than the destination, as long as I don't feel sick in the way.

8. I love cats :meow: but only have two (one of them is EVIL :P)

9. I used to have several fan-OCs too, but didn't continue them anymore :XD: In case you're curious, I had a Voltron OC, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle OC, Sailormoon OC, DC Comics OCs and a Street Fighter OC

10. I also have a Facebook account. In case you're curious about seeing me there, just say so. I'd love to meet you if you're also there :D

That's all for now. Sorry about a lengthy post, but thanks for reading. Bye! :)
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:P I ran out of no fancy black journal now :P It's been very fun, hehe :XD:

:new:  Oookaay... I have to say the 3 Winners of the 'Guess the Number' game, where 3 people with the closest guess win a request a bit earlier than I said because of my time... :giggle:

The Winning Number is = 30

I used this number because 30th March is the day this boring academic  training stuff is going to finally end :P After that, bye bye Brahmaputra, bye bye eagles, bye bye crows :bye: I'll be Home free to draw once again without any other things to bug me :la:

Nobody guessed that exact number actually, :lol: so I just have to pick three people who are the closest to saying it. How? If their guessed numbers are less than 30, I substract it from 30. If its more than 30, I substract 30 from it, and pick the ones with the least amount <3 :

:star::star::star: :iconteturo:        =  29   :la:
:star::star::star: :icongppr:            =  26  :la:
:star::star::star: :iconstarsophi:  =  25  :la:

Thanks for playing, everyone. We'll have something like this again very soon... Hope more of you will participate then :)

Until then, take care! :hug:
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TAGGED + Kiriban Reminder

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 20, 2011, 8:13 AM
:star: I've been tagged by :iconmiakayuki1: :noes:

1)Post these rules.
2)Each chosen person must post fifteen favorite character and anime and manga in their journal.
3)Choose ten friends and put their icon on the same page.
4)Go to their page and send a message saying you Chosen them.

My favorite 5 anime ( i love such a lot of them, that I lost count :P These are just written in random order)

1. Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl)
2. Blood+
3. Macross (Robotech)
4. Saint Seiya (Various seasons & chapters)
5. Fushigi Yuugi (the original one)

My favorite 5 manga:

1. Death Note
2. Angel Sanctuary
3. Fushigi Yuugi, Genbu Kaiden
4. Sailor Moon
5. Card Captor Sakura

My favorite 5 characters:

1. Witch Hunter Robin
2. Haji (Blood+)
3. Abel Nightroad (Trinity Blood)
4. L (Death Note)
5. Ai Enma (Hell Girl)

I'll only tag 5 people, and if they want to take it up, they're welcome to :)  :pointr: :iconlight-mizo::icongryce-allergies::iconmo-thug::icondarksyderz::icondemeter4:

:star: KIRIBAN reminder

Life's been stressing for me. My grandmother has died, I can't use the computer because of that, and I can't make art :cry: . I thank everyone who gave their well-wishes :hug:  I also have some studying to do :P but I'll do a Kiriban at my 15551st Pageview :nod: Wish me luck!

The rules are :

1) Maximum 2 characters
2) Done up in my style
3) Either digital or traditional, whatever is convenient for me.
4) No mecha or anthro.
5) Don't send me in a note. Comment here in my front page. Also, you must include this emote --> :woohoo:
: woohoo : (without the spaces)

That's all :#1: Thanks for reading! Bye bye :D

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Contest Winners Feature and a small update

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 2, 2011, 7:32 PM
A couple of months ago, our group :iconmizo-da:Mizo-dA organized a 'Create-a-Superhero' challenge (which suddenly turned into a contest :P). The challenge was to create new MIZO superheroes :nod:

Who are the Mizos? :? We're a very very small community in eastern India, even tinier here in DeviantART, but our numbers are growing ;) Delhi Mizo Kut : Chheih lam by darksyderz Delhi Mizo Kut : Cheraw Dance by darksyderz (photos borrowed from :icondarksyderz: :giggle:  

I promised all the winners a feature in my journal, and so here it is! :#1:

:winner: :iconlight-mizo: 'MOST  ORIGINAL  CHARACTER' The Last Lushai OC by Light-Mizo 'The Last Lushai' - a new breed of hero, half human, half 'Keimi' (Cat-people in Mizo folklore) packs quite a punch!

:winner: :iconmami02: 'MOST ORIGINAL STORY' - 'Thangvansangi'   - a sky-dweller (Van mi) who descended to earth.

:winner: :iconchhana: 'BEST ART EXECUTION' Lalruanga by Chhana - 'Lalruanga' - he's a character from actual Mizo folklore, a mighty magician. Here he is, about to fight the Keimi.

:winner: :iconmami02:   'BEST COSTUME'

Tied with :

:winner::icongryce-allergies: Lasi by gryce-allergies 'BEST COSTUME' :giggle:  

:winner: :icongryce-allergies: 'BEST  LOVED  CHARACTER' Lasi by gryce-allergies - 'Lasi'   - the Lasi are wood-spirits in Mizo folklore who have control over all birds and beasts. They can benefact humans and bless hunters if they choose to.

Congratulations to all :clap::clap::clap::clap:


In other things, my listed to-do list is now completed :woohoo:

:star: collab with :iconrxgdo: - COMPLETED
:star: 'Holly' for :iconrolly-chan: - COMPLETED
:star: 'Black Jack' for :iconsangoruless: COMPLETED

(also planning to enter a contest or two, if I have time :giggle:)

:star: and please pray (or give well-wishes) for my grandmother, who's still suffering :(

That's all. Thanks for reading :)

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Happy New Year! My resolution : 2 free requests!

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 31, 2010, 11:09 PM

:iconnewyearplz: A Happy New 2011 to all :party: I hope it'll be a good, creative year for all of you :nod:

This is only an update of my previous journal, because I want to keep the comments. You'll know why in a minute ;)

Me, I'm just going to try and keep a 'resolution' I made to myself, and hope that you'll help, which is 2 free REQUESTS.
(Now closed!) I'll now be doing them for :iconrolly-chan: and :iconsangoruless:
2 people who comment after they saw this updated journal (January 1), but a few simple rules are ....

:bulletblack: Only 2 requests for now (and CLOSED).
:bulletblack: Watchers only! (Sorry)
:bulletblack: Only 1 character drawing, either in colour or a fully shaded monochrome.

:new:  I'll also feature 2 deviations of everyone who comment here, continuing from the previous journal because I've been gifted a sub by the lovely :iconecvcm: :heart:

:star: My official to-do list ^-^

:bulletred: Collab with :iconrxgdo: (COMPLETED)

:bulletred: Request made by :iconrolly-chan: 'Holly' (COMPLETED)

:bulletred: Request made by :iconsangoruless: 'Black Jack' :star::star::star-half:

Besides that, I'm just working on some personal things..... n_n

:star: Want to see what I call my 'DeviantART list' ? Check it out…:


:new: a Surprise Feature of 2 artworks of my choice from everyone who commented! :la:

Merry Christmas 2010 by SangoRuless Chibiiis. by SangoRuless

- Roleplay Babies - by HotaruThodt Sins Reborn - Lust by HotaruThodt


Mature Content

Stone Bests Steel by teturo
Sentai Squad by teturo

LC Gaiden Special by RXGDO Camus and Kairi by RXGDO

Near n Me by gryce-allergies Im Mad by gryce-allergies

The Last Lushai OC by Light-Mizo Noodle with her gear by Light-Mizo

Rolly stars by Rolly-Chan Flame assault by Rolly-Chan


Kristen Stewart by anveshdunna I heart Red by anveshdunna


REKO by darksyderz

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Have a Happy Christmas + New Kiriban announcement

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 18, 2010, 10:43 PM

:holly: Only a few days left for Christmas, and so wheels away yet another year :holly:

A little early for a Christmas wish, but you never know what's going to happen, right? :P  I hope that you all have a wonderful Holiday season with your friends, your families and loved ones. Here's my love, my best & warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas and an equally wonderful New Year to you all (in advance XD)  :party: For my family, it's going to be a busy Christmas... a little empty for a while, but hopefully not a blue one :)

It's great to be able to spend yet another end-of-year here at DeviantArt, but the greatest thing is when friends and the people I like are also here and around :') You know what I mean :D

Have a happy Christmas, dear friends. I wouldn't have made it this much on DA without you all :smooch:


:holly: :iconsantalaplz::rudolph: :holly:


:holly: I'll also be having my Second KIRIBAN whenever it hits the mark :XD: :nod: The pageview number will be : 15551 :thumbsup:;)

:star: Kiriban Rules :star:

:nod: Maximum two characters
:nod: Can be your OCs or fan art
:nod: Will be done up in my style (check my gallery for what I usually do)
:nod: Please be patient. For it will surely come :forgiveme:
:nod: I'll decide the setting, BG and whether it'll be fullbodies or not :thanks:
:nod: Please send me the screenshot in a NOTE with this 'woohoo' emoticon included in the message -----> :woohoo:  : woohoo : without the spaces ;)
:no: No mecha or anthro :shrug: Sorry, but I haven't gone round to doing them properly yet :thanks:

:hug: I Hope you understand. Have a wonderful end-of year and Party :party:


:holly: My official to-do list ^-^

:bulletred::bulletgreen: Collab with :iconrxgdo: :star-half::star-empty::star-empty:

Besides that, I'm just working on some personal things..... n_n

:holly: Want to see what I call my 'DeviantART list' ? Check it out…:

  • Listening to: Radio, water, TV (oh, the NOISE) :P
  • Reading: THIS
  • Watching: THIS
  • Eating: Nothing
Well, I'm back again with a new journal, and this time as I've decided to participate in :iconizka197:'s Secret Santa project for Christmas 2010 :iconsantalaplz: (A really last-minute entry :XD:) I'll follow her instructions in this journal.

Dear secret Santa, here is my wishlist for Christmas this year. I have been both naughty, AND nice :P:XD: so ... really, it's up to you :

:nod: What kind of drawing would I like to recieve? ---> anything, as long as there is some Christmas theme :) :santa:

:nod: My OC ----> M (no need to show her eyes. She has a long parted fringe :lol: )

:nod: My favourite characters ---->

:star:  Saya (Blood+)

:star: Witch Hunter Robin

:star: L (Death Note)

:nod: My favourite animals ----> Tiger, Lion, cat and Wolf

:nod: My favourite colours ----> Blue, Black, Red, White.

Hope this gets through to you Santa, baby :please:

:star: My official to-do list ^-^

I'm just working on some personal things..... n_n

:bye: That's all. Have a nice day (or night :D)

:star: Want to see what I call my 'DeviantART list' ? Check it out…:
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For me, 'no' more times than 'yes'.

Frequently, when I post a new piece, or looked at my older ones again, either as result of an occasional critique from someone (or myself - which is a LOT), I thought over, retouched and revised.

As a result, a lot of times with all these minor adjustments that I didn't think are worth a bother to alert anyone anew, it's a slightly different (but hopefully better-looking) deviation from the one that you've first seen in your inbox from me. Is art ever finished? :confused: For me, the answer is very vague... :shrug: It goes more to the side of 'no'


I don't have my scanner or my tablet with me at the moment, but as soon as I finish (or almost finish) the list below, I hope to make another kiriban and / or a small request round (details to be told later). Please tell if you're interested (Very IMPORTANT) :D


I'm posting a different variety of deviations now and then, different from my 'usual' :) Whatever type of art I'm into (not just hand-drawn) to keep me inspired and motivated to create, I'll decide to post it here on DA to improve myself, to share, as exercise, contest entries or whatnot. But it won't be that much :P


My current 'official' errands :P:

:bulletblue: Third Collab with :iconmadawnga::star::star-empty::star-empty:

Thanks for your interest, people :wave:

I'm also working on some personal things as well :)

:bye: That's all. Have a nice day (or night :D)

Want to see what I call my 'DeviantART list' ? Check it out…
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Wow, that was faster than I expected :XD:

So then.... my 10101st pageview was caught by :iconkaryn531:karyn531 For her art request this most important universal rule reigns supreme :

"Please have patience. Patience is a virtue." ;)

You might have also noticed that I'm posting some literature deviations now and then :) Whatever type of art I'm into (not just hand-drawn) to keep me inspired and motivated to create, I'll decide to post it here on DA to improve myself, to share, as exercise, contest entries or whatnot. But it won't be that much :P

So here are my current 'official' errands :P:
:bulletblue: For :iconneo-redranger: :star::star-half::star-empty:

:bulletblue: Third Collab with :iconmadawnga:

:bulletblue: KIRIBAN pic (2 characters) for :iconkaryn531: :star-half::star-empty::star-empty:

Thanks for your interest, people :wave:

I'm also working on some personal things as well :)

:bye: That's all. Have a nice day (or night :D)

Want to see what I call my 'DeviantART list' ? Check it out…

Prizes, prizes, prizes!

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 20, 2010, 9:44 PM

Last evening, I was moping around the house. I'm on a mini-vacation these days :P while the rest of the family are not. They always arrived late in the evening.

Suddenly brother came in with a surprise! :wow: A packet that arrived by mail that day on our shop.... And what would it be??

:dance: Well, the prizes that I'd won from :iconecvcm:'s contest (as I have written in my previous journal) have arrived! I was so excited that I'm afraid to say I had lost my voice for a bit because of all the paraphernalia :XD:

They're amazing and beautiful classic and rare mangas. I could touch and hold them, smell the paper and feel them rustle :XD:  A classic Sailormoon Manga

Sailormoon manga prize by Mami02

a collector Manga : "Cluster0"

clustermanga by Mami02

and this beautiful full-colour artbook of manga artists Kao-Yung and Kuan-Liang  :wow::love:

mangaka artbook by Mami02

And look at all these goodies :dance:

prizes by Mami02

But I think the best one of them all is a little handwritten surprise note by :iconecvcm: tucked among them :aww:.:nod:

:love: I LOVE them all!!!

I'm sure ECVcm must have done a lot of things to arrange all these for us and sending them to us. I don't know what I could ever do to compare with all these that she's done. But for now, I thank her for these beautiful prizes and the experience of a premium membership :hug: She has my best wishes in her future projects about these wonderful ocs of hers, which I am sure will be very interesting ;)

As for me, I am only too happy that I have come to DA for an opportunity like this and meet so many wonderful people. :worship:

:iconmami02: Mami02 knows that we can all experience many things like these in our DA journey together :#1: Keep rockin' , people!

:la::megaphone:ECVcm is going to have another contest shortly. She invites you all to participate :nod: If you're interested, keep a lookout and join in the fun! :boogie:

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I win a big contest

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 2, 2010, 7:34 AM

I have never thought that I would win anything, let alone win here, at DA, but what a lovely (and shocking) surprise I had, when I found out just now that I win First Prize in :iconecvcm:'s OC contest that I entered  not long ago :tears: with these two pictures
A private dance by Mami02 Girls at high sea by Mami02
You can read all about it in this news article:

It is the first time that I have ever won anything like this. The contest is a big one, and ECVcm has been working very hard to promote it. The prizes are absolutely amazing :)

Second prize is won by my dear friend :iconrxgdo: who is such an amazing artist that I always thought him to walk away with the top honours. Congratulations dear :hug:
A lily for you by RXGDO MJC-Les Pirates Femmes by RXGDO

In the third position is an amazing new friend,
:iconmiguelarchangel:. Congratulations :)
:thumb175064052: :thumb176779810:

And best wishes and felicitations to everyone who entered. They are all so amazing. :trophy:

Thank you, dear ECVcm for your kindness. It was my pleasure to be able to do something for you :hug: As a special thank you, I'll feature three of her amazing artworks :
Camryn LILY the PIRATE woman by ECVcm


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